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Summer Occupy Detroit General Assembly

Request to hold General Assembly ASAP

The Netroots Nation convention is coming to Detroit from July 17-20. There will be many progressive minded attendees, some from outside Detroit. Holding a General Assembly BEFORE the conference will allow connectivity into what is happening throughout Detroit.
Many are going to ask – will you know?
How would you know if there was no movement gathering in advance?

Marchers carry Occupy Detroit bannerThis General Assembly of the Occupy movement is an opportunity for organizations to attract publicity and support into their efforts during this window of time.

Movement Building

Occupy is a movement – organizations attend movement building exercises for several reasons:

  1. Announce the activities the organization is working on.
  2. Discover what other organizations are doing to bridge between and create unified efforts TOGETHER.
  3. Discover prospective new members for each organization attending.
  4. Bring and learn best practices in organizing into a larger audience.

Occupy Detroit brought a number of activists out into organizations around Detroit. It was a clarion call in 2011 that was cast publicly. People came to learn more and discover.

Vote On This Poll – Select the Date & Time

Its time to sound the call and rally again. We have business to discuss and unity to both celebrate and build.

Select a Date/Time for Summer Occupy Detroit Movement Rally at Grand Circus Park

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MAY DAY – Shutdown Detroit!

May Day is a celebration of International Worker Rights, and a start of spring. Plants need to be in the ground and this goes for the seeds of change which prevail these days. It is time to meet and organize. We have to come forward and unite with our neighbors, families, and meet new colleagues.

Detroit-Closed-MayDayWe are asking for workers to take a holiday – a time to organize and rally during a time of need. Its time to halt “business as usual” for a day, and possibly more. Take a day away from consumerism and production – don’t purchase gasoline, meals at restaurants, clothing, electronics, and other items.

Detroit is under attack – its assets are being misappropriated, the crooks continue to take as the people suffer without reason. Our public services have been purposely reduced to create a state of need. Putting these schools, utilities, and more in a position for privatization and “importing skilled workers” rather than training those living here. The fix is in as incarceration of young black workers intends to keep them from higher education and better working opportunities. Why would it be OK for society to send young persons to military service in the hope of a better future? What is this future being woven?

This city once had 2 million people within its borders, and now is near 700,000. The industrial age has consumed its workers. Primary wage earners are making minimum wage, working multiple jobs. Work has been sent globally seeking lowest working wage in the quest for maximized profits.

International Workers Day History

WalterCrane2CSolidarityOfLabour(1888)col-05875The struggle was hard and sometimes bloody to arrive at a day split 8 hours for work, 8 for rest, and 8 for recreation [1][2].

It was the massacre in Chicago’s Haymarket Square that brought world attention to the 8-Hour Day struggle in the United States. On May 1. 1886, workers put on the largest march in Chicago’s history.The streets were full of the sounds of the 8-hour-day song:

We mean to make things over, we are tired of toil for naught,
With but bare enough to live upon, and never an hour for thought,
We want to feel the sunshine, and we want to smell the flowers,
We are sure that God has will’d it, and we mean to have eight hours.
We’re summoning our forces from shipyard, shop and mill,
Eight hours for work, eight hour for rest, eight hours for what we will!
Eight hours for work, eight hour for rest, eight hours for what we will!

The 8-Hour Day March was peaceful, even festive. But on that day, there was trouble at McCormick’s Reaper Plant. Thousands had been locked out for demanding an 8-hour-day. A workers’ rally outside the plant was attacked by police. Some workers were killed. To protest the killings, a rally was called for May 4, 1886 in Haymarket Square. Mayor Harrison attended the rally and all was peaceful. Contrary to the Mayor’s wishes, Police Captain John Bonfield brought hundreds of police to the rally. After the Mayor rode off on his white horse, unknown persons threw a bomb into the crowd. The police began to fire wildly. Eight policemen and at least as many workers were killed.


images from Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Eight men stood trial – seven were sentenced to be hung to death, one sentenced to 15 years in prison. Of the 7 one committed suicide in jail, two were commuted to life in prison. Four were hung to death November 11, 1887.

Four Haymarket Anarchists Hung 1887

Haymarket Portraits


Revisiting International Workers Day TODAY

We may think things have progressed in more than 125 years since International Workers Day was recognized, however today’s society is drifting away from the equitable work day [3].

According to a 2009 survey by the Harvard Business Review, 94 percent of professionals surveyed worked at least 50 hours a week or more. And the 2013 State of the American Workplace report conducted by Gallup found that up to 70 percent of the American workforce feels unengaged (read: demotivated and unsatisfied).

So if we are truly setting roots and planting a path for this year – its time to confront the “business as usual” conformity that is plaguing society at this time.

Business has been anything but usual for quite some time. The people must start treating it that way!

Plans for May 1, 2014

Time What Where
8:00 am Ecumenical Unity Breakfast UAW Local 600, 10550 Dix Avenue
9:00 am The People Speak Out ! UAW Local 600, 10550 Dix Avenue
11:00 am Caravan for Justice and Democracy UAW Local 600 to Hart Plaza
12:00 pm May Day Rally Hart Plaza Woodward & Jefferson
1:30 pm March Through Downtown Hart Plaza to Grand Circus Park
3:00 pm Peoples Rally Grand Circus Park Woodward & Adams
4:30 pm Food, Fellowship, People’s Plan Grand Circus Park

Event postings on Facebook

unconsumption:Riding the bus in Detroit is not fun: Half of…

Riding the bus in Detroit is not fun: Half of the city’s bus routes have been cancelled over the last decade, and waiting for a bus to show up can take as long as two hours. A new project is trying to make that wait a little more pleasant by building mobile bus shelters—and since this is Detroit, the shelters are made out of recycled parts from abandoned buildings.
More about the Door Stops project here: These Makeshift Detroit Bus Shelters Are Recycled From Abandoned Houses | Co.Exist | ideas impact

Hockeytown pay your $80,000 water bill to #DetroitVideo from…

Hockeytown pay your $80,000 water bill to #Detroit Video from Joe Louis Arena requesting Mr Illitch (Hockeytown) pay the outstanding $80,000 water bill. Corporations are not exempt from paying for use of water. It is needed for all that ice created. Falling to pay puts the burden on the people of the city. http://bambuser.com/v/4557651 Action setup by the Peoples Water Board Coalition. Earth Day action.
#ED2MD #waveofaction #earthday #Detroit #redwings #hockeytown #illitch

In Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, Working in Detroit

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