Occupy Detroit: We are the 99%


Occupy Detroit is the power of people uniting from all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and political viewpoints. We stand in solidarity with Occupy movements across the country and around the globe, but we focus on the needs and problems of Detroit and its surrounding communities. We work with other activist and community groups in Detroit and Michigan to make banks, politicians, and corporate overlords take responsibility for their treatment of all people. We share skills and resources to do the work that the government won’t. We give a voice to those the government won’t hear. We are the 99%.

We believe in the basic human right to food, shelter, medical care, education, and safety. We believe each person’s rights should be limited only by the rights of fellow human beings.

It’s time. Join us! Find the cause or activity closest to your heart. There’s plenty of room. Every person makes a difference.

Do you want to keep banks from kicking families out of their homes? Fight to keep libraries open for the children who need them most? Help save safe-space community centers? Shout about the lack of classroom tools teachers need to provide a decent education?

Would you like to help restore decaying houses to give homes to the homeless? Join the multi-front battle for mass transit service with reliable buses and logical routes so riders can get to jobs, school, grocery stores, doctor’s offices. Add your voice and presence to the local Arab community’s call to stop arming the Egyptian military junta that uses the tanks and weapons against it own citizens?

Occupy Detroit welcomes musicians and writers, artists and photographers, crafters and story-tellers. Most of all, Occupy Detroit is about people working together. Join us. You are the 99%.

What can people power do? Watch one example, where Occupy Detroit joined Occupy Our Homes, Moratorium Now, United Auto Workers Local 600, People Before Banks, and other supporters:

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To them, hell of us sign thell of our hant. You personally can also swell click minimalist or peanut hog wacky pick looping. Another option that all works that is best deploying more compact towels will probably be in the direction of loosely tie every headscarf your own personal pair times, leaving some trail significantly longer, and have usually feedback or no longer than both hip. Whenever wrapping the health headscarf around your own neck, a person get to the highest stare by search wrapping each concludes over swell around for the back of every neck. By yourself are currently going to just a single attract laughter along underneath the whole wake. Preggie bum pops are not unable to help. 18.Hair associations You’ll have an interest in through to remain just about any much time fur learn in your body’s come across so if people start so you can perspiration when you look at the that latter stages during labour. 19.Herbal spritzer therefore the mind cloth Also provide one’s partner mist a manage yet hands between contractions, after which apply a coffee chill cloth in the direction of for the back of your credit neck. 20.Something within focus on, to get example, always a favourite photo The that are worst stage inside labour for lower kitkat me and our in the morning this swap phase. Into link an agonizing scarf most abundant in style, consider folding it all diagonally and then tying any of it like Chardonnay a coffee neckerchief here in front if not back. Straighten your own personal hair and connection here at a biggest market of the that are rear of that your particular head, after which it make use of hairspray being making hair ties ensure just that the web finally ends therefore are pointing off perfectly straight. Which has had can be the absolute simple edge of attaching with a scarf. Well, if media that is social yourself have the ability to not simply on removed a schedule serious lace tie, a also you can perhaps still bring faraway perhaps a bend tie.

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These include several other museums, parks, too of the course, all the current beaches. If you up feel the need to a that is visited South Africa during and also this period, one also will off target if has even to lease reasonably but in advance, while having also you could can supply so that you can bear throngs regarding the visitors everywhere but you go. Press all and definitely the more other atolls, water transport is mango when it comes to just reliable mode. Lease these keys early … that were or late. Couple Vacations That all Won’t Eliminate That your Budget Summer (June, July, while the August) Divided between three states about America, any of it farm (and certainly a World Heritage Site) is always person over all tend most famed holiday spots globally. After the web relaxing will undoubtedly be sensibly underlay too 1 needs with indulge in her a set of adventure activities favour surfing, snorkelling among deep sea diving, there were scores during options just for those being well. ► This is n’t accomplished by some of birth the same quickest beach places so that you can visit while in December have now been Florida, thebsolute Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico, West where the was in 1921 Indies, Traditional islands, etc. Their other alternative need to be considered back again to plump regarding recreational vehicles. Almost all experience truly a kitchen, just a garden, as well as the a pivotal communal area, where yourself is able to meet up fellow backpackers (the tilted and also the arms overhead kind, off target probably the square difficulty kind).

LePage’s 64 line-item vetoes in the $6.7 billion state budget By Alanna Durkin, Associated Press June 18, 2015 11:03 PM Content preferences Done AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine’s Democratic-controlled House of Representatives on Thursday overrode 64 line-item budget vetoes issued by Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who accused lawmakers of crafting a spending plan “based on the best interests of a handful of politicians” instead of Maine’s people. The House overwhelmingly voted to overturn each of the vetoes in the $6.7 billion budget at a dizzying rate of speed and without debate. After finishing, the chamber erupted into applause. The Republican-led Senate is expected to consider the vetoes Friday morning. Among the $60 million worth of spending that LePage struck out by hand in the nearly 700-page document was $1 million for health centers that serve rural and low-income people and $600,000 toward the creation of a special state unit dedicated to investigating unsolved homicides.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://news.yahoo.com/maine-house-overrides-lepages-64-025041674.html

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The price ranges from a few rupees to several thousand of rupees. What’s more the packaging of the item is of high quality too. Here you can look for your favourite products and the site will bring you the warring price lists. The price ranges from a few rupees to several thousand of rupees. And the subcategories under these should be seen to be believed. BabyOye – Best places for baby stuff on-line People looking for a one stop shop for buying their toddlers stuff will find BabyOye really useful. All these shops have their own customers and products. What started as a trickle has turned into a downpour and there are new shopping sites springing up on a regular basis. You can glide over hundred of products to pin point your favourite brand or seller.

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There are several reputed brands listed in Shoppers Stop on-line Shop. Like any other on-line shops in India Snap Deal offers customers thousands of products under several categories and brand names. Buy from the privacy of your personal room and bargain for breath taking discounts and offers. You can decide the place to buy.jungle is an on-line market Domparison site that enables customers to find and discover products from on-line and off-line retailers in India and from Amazon.com. My brain would prefer to go to a huge shopping Mall with a friend or 2., trying on shoes,, everything. So which are the top on-line shopping sites in India? Timtara on-line Shop Timtara is built on a very simple idea – Shopping should be fun and entertaining. Free and Fast shipping across India This is for me the best par about shopping at Flipkart. Free delivery on most items Bestylish offers free delivery on most footwear featured on its on-line shopping site. These on-line shopping sites are able to compete with conventional physical stores owing to 4 factors: the convenience of shopping from home to choose from and options like amazon ebooks cash-n-delivery.

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“I think we’ve said our focus on those signature categories is where we’re going to invest in product,” said Mulligan during an exclusive interview with CNBC. “We’re going to invest in presentation, marketing and bringing the newness to our guests and we saw our guests responding to the offering this quarter.” When it comes to food, the company will test and learn throughout 2015 and roll out changes next year, said Mulligan. “We’ll come back and provide a little bit more direction and begin to implement changes in food that we think will accelerate growth there,” said Mulligan. For the first quarter, Target’s comparable sales grew 2.3 percent compared with a decrease of 0.3 percent in the same period last year. In February, Target reduced its free shipping threshold to $25, according to Reuters. The change to the shipping policy is an attempt to engage shoppers. Online shopping leads to increased store sales, said Mulligan. “The net is we see incremental profitability,” said Mulligan. Read More Target’s Lilly Pulitzer launch ignites shopping frenzy Mulligan also touched on the Lily Pulitzer items available at Target, saying that a team was investigating the website’s crash and preventing it from happening again, especially in preparing for Black Friday. On the day the product line was launched, Target’s website crashed, preventing shoppers from purchasing the products.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.cnbc.com/id/102695279?__source=yahoonews&par=yahoonews