Occupy Detroit Participates in a National Day of Action


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Occupy Detroit Participates in a National Day of Action

Occupy Detroit will join in a  National Day of Action  to protest austerity cuts with rallies and other events on Nov. 17, 2011.

In response to a nation-wide call from Occupy Wall Street in New York, Occupy Detroit will conduct rallies, teach-ins and marches beginning at 3 pm in Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit. These events are being coordinated with similar actions by Occupy movements around the country on the same day. At 4 pm, the Occupy Detroit action group will march to the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (City-County Building).

The focus of these actions is to protest systematic assaults on the rights of workers and many other citizens which take the form of “austerity measures.” These cuts end up depriving millions of people of jobs, education, hard-earned benefits, critical and necessary services, and the right to fair participation in and contributions to the overall prosperity of society.

The aim of the action against austerity in Detroit is to unite workers, students, and people from all walks of life, people with diverse aspirations and perspectives, in an expression of willingness to confront the misplaced priorities of the existing system, one dominated by the greed of plutocrats,” says Todd Brady of the Occupy Detroit Media Workgroup. “By challenging these priorities we can begin to shape society into one which reflects both the needs and just aspirations of the immense majority, thereby liberating the potential, productivity, and creativity of all.”

The Nov. 17 action will be a continuation and broadening of the struggle against the Emergency Manager concept which usurps the democratic rights of the people; against union busting which negates the rights of workers to collective bargaining; and above all against the diabolical efforts of banks and corporations not only to impose the cost of the crisis they created upon the immense majority, but to grasp an ever larger share of the wealth made possible only by labor. Connected with these issues, the action also will stand for the equal rights of all, regardless of race or status.

The Nov. 17 action will include space and opportunity for people to learn details of not only how austerity measures affect us all, but will serve to deepen our understanding about why it is that the system is driven to “austerity measures” against the will of the immense majority, instead of fair and just taxation of giant corporations, banks, and of the super rich, to pay for the crisis their speculation created – and will create again.

Austerity programs are nothing but a mask worn by plutocrats to hide their true face from the great majority: The face of greed,” says Brady.

All people wishing to participate in the Day of Action Against Austerity should attend the Occupy Detroit General Assembly on Tuesday, Nov. 15th at 6 pm; or contact the Occupy Detroit Direct Action Workgroup at: occdirectaction@gmail.com.



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