Occupy Detroit General Assembly, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011

DETROIT: Today at least 150 people gathered in Grand Circus Park for the Occupy Detroit General Assembly (GA), as the city-issued permit allowing Occupy Detroit to camp in Grand Circus Park approaches its expiration at midnight on Monday, Nov. 21st.

The GA was broadcast on two live-stream feeds. All of the Occupy Detroit working groups gave reports to the assembly on their activities of recent days, including the Food, Media, Arts and Culture, Treasury, Outreach, Facilitation, and the Racial Sensitivity and Inclusion workgroups, among others. The GA also approved creation of a new working group, the Voter Education and Registration workgroup, which was prompted by the virtually unanimous opposition among occupiers to the anti-democratic emergency financial manager law, which enabled the state to bypass the will of the people.

A representative of the student workgroup announced a direct action planned for Thursday, Dec. 8th at Wayne State University to oppose imposition of debt on students in order to get a college education.

Occupy Detroit Day 25Occupy Thanksgiving,” an event planned for Sunday, Nov. 20th at 4 pm in Grand Circus Park which includes a community dinner with other activities, such as a “fashion show with a purpose,” was also announced. Those wishing to be involved were asked to call 313-288-0644 or email occupyyourselfdetroit@gmail.com.

Juan Martinez announced another interesting project to create a Radical History of Detroit, planned by the Racial Sensitivity and Inclusion workgroup. Those who wish to contribute “pieces of Detroit history” were asked to email bikecity@gmail.com .

The GA also broke into discussion groups to critically evaluate what victories have been gained in the two month old nation-wide occupy movement, and to asses the importance of sharing power in life and in the movement.

It was also announced that the Occupy Detroit Spokes Council is holding a meeting at the new 5900 Michigan Avenue space at noon on Sunday, Nov. 20th. All members of working groups, and the general public are invited. The purpose will be to discuss how to make the movement more effective and work on creating a Social Center at the space in order to facilitate community assistance and organization.

The Arts and Culture workgroup requested all artists and musicians who wish to add their vision to the movement to call 313-581-3655.

During the GA, a motorist stopped at the curb to donate 3 pairs of gloves to the Comfort workgroup. This is just one of the many examples of the spontaneous support and love which has grown between Occupy Detroit and the community. While state and local governments look to cut aid and support to the community, the community recognizes in Occupy Detroit a means to support, organize, and uplift itself. This recognition is happening all over the country, in 1,000 Occupies.

At 3 pm, a concert for Occupy Detroit, organized by MarcoMedia.com and including 10 local bands, was slated to begin. Some of the bands performing included: New Era, G-Unit, Mike Loud, Live Nation, and Jade Lathen.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, November 19, 2011
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