TIME Person of the Year: The Protester

Photo by Peter Hapak for TIME
Ife Johari Uhuru and Malik Rahsaan, coordinator and founder of Occupy the Hood, whose mission is to bring people of color to protests. "It’s getting people involved, but also getting America involved – back involved – in our struggle, in our neighborhoods," Rahsann said. "This movement chose me; I didn’t choose it."

Slideshow accompanying the TIME article “TIME Person Of The Year: The Protester“.

Occupy Detroit is very proud of our affiliation with Occupy The Hood. The intention of Occupy The Hood is to ensure people of color are represented in Occupy movements. Detroit is a city predominately inhabited by people of color. It is also a city well known as a leader in civil rights protest.

Click here for the Al Jazeera article on the start of Occupy The Hood from October 10, 2011. Featuring an interview of Ife Jahari Uhuru. This was the day of the gathering at Spirit of Hope Church that launched Occupy Detroit, with the first march on October 14 from The Spirit of Detroit to Grand Circus Park.

NPR today – sound off on TIME’s selection of The Protester as Person of the Year.