Minutes: General Assembly Dec. 17, 2011

Minutes of the Occupy Detroit General Assembly, Dec 17, 2011

This week the projector was used split screen to display a live scribe board where report backs & proposals were typed as they were brought to the floor as well as displaying the live chat from the livestream room where we welcomed Colleen & Patti into the discussion. They were able to share comments or questions that the GA could see live.

Breakout question: What shared Values do we have? 30 min small group breakout

Breakout report backs: Shared values:

  • Equity, Social/economic fairness, Inclusion, Positivity, Hope, Optimism
  • Anti-materialism, Conservation, Familyhood, Nonviolence, Equal respect, Self-determination, Diversity, Community, Sobriety (situational), Listening, Productivity, Transparency, Anti-racism, Creativity, Innovation, Responsibility, Patience
  • What is nonviolence? To some locking arms on ground is violent to police; Direct democracy, Self determination, Anti-oppression, Environmentalism, Empathy
  • Infrastructure, Security, Nourishment, Economy, Investment,
  • Respect
  • From online- : awareness is key value» Freedom, liberty, making a difference, passion, peace, perseverance, unity, spirit…Solidarity are shared values, community

Approve agenda:
process review/breakout
working group report backs 15
announcements 5
proposals 45
closing 7

Report Backs

Shannon- Voter Reg – action day for EM repeal; hit goal of signatures to get on ballot; Want a big cushion just in case- 50,000 needed

Shannon- Labor Comm – MLK day march on Gov.Man; Shannon is point for Det, Lucianna, other areas, Zach A2

Eric- NE Outpost – put a lock on “Playboy” house; Request new name for this house that is less offensive; Lots of unused space; secured entire side of street now, intend to start on the other side

Laura- Art & Culture; working on regular craft event at 5900; Solstice gathering in Grand Circus 21st – Come out! – Drums, guitars, music please!! – bringing some firepit(s); Detroit Fire Guild

Dave- Outreach: interOccupy meeting- lots of folks attended, Muskegon- occupy the Lakeshore, Traverse City, Occ Toledo all represented; Jan 18 is Gov State of the State, want large presence at capital; Outreach for outreach- set up with block clubs, surrounding areas, find issues relevant in each area, bring to GA; Grey Panthers- had meeting/speaking event there, for the 1st time they are supporting

Kathy- Legal had second meeting, have been focused on being legal observers, now looking to better integrate

Sarah- Info: not actually a working group right now; 3pm skill share at Spirit of Hope; suggesting weekly update email/newsletter

Hans- Locations: Got Permission for window space pr at 1225 WW; Met w/ UAW local 600- they have been brainstorming a social justice center, They want to fight foreclosure, food drives, job training, they are interested in collaboration; Next meeting 5pm Sun, 19966 Livernois

Jeremy- Tshirts: part of order is in, so some pre-orders here, some random warm items here for sale, taking more orders to place asap for holiday giving

Justin- Unite: hosted interoccupy gathering after meeting, space coming along toward meeting code, would like to schedule workday soon, helpers welcome!


Federation of teachers suggesting everyone call your senators at 866-327-8670, tell them to pass jobs act, don’t balance budget on the backs of the needy, pursue higher education

Kathy- Call President- veto national defense act before we all meet in Guantanamo! 202-456-1111

Rick- nice outreach banner has been made, stored at 5900. MUST RETURN!

Tristan- Library-was a recommendation for a DA spokes council re library events Liberty Temple Church Annex 1302 E 7 mile, Mon Dec 19, 5pm: Asking commission to reverse decision to close 4 libraries. Deadline is coming soon.


Eric-Proposed: Extend funding to Goldengate, 100 hardware gift card, 50 gas card
GA previously provided hardware & gas cards, looking to repeat funding.

CQ/Comments/Friendly amendments
is there a way to organize this so the priorities of the neighborhoods are taken into consideration?
bought- chains, aquaduct system, hinges, locks
consider budget oversight comm.
Kerosene? What safety measures in place? these heaters can be very dangerous
2 wks since last funding, how many houses? how many people? how many are OD?
bottle has it’s own heating, kerosene is easy for “Library”
Have 3 kerosene heaters, using 1 house currently
kero running 25/week for 1 house, 2 people
Mars pushing for insulating house, save on heating cost
written report of expenses & uses requested
Friendly Amendment provide written report of expenses & uses

Hans- Proposed: that we make use of the windows at 1225 Woodward for advertising ourselves to downtown Detroit!

Really cool for awareness
Fill Window- submit quotes, art display, info
F/A- Include calendar of events, display Web site, include submissions from kids/members
can kids etc submit pictures, signs, tent? YES
working group- window dressing

Announcements/Global Announcements

Sam- new working group- Political Working Group-think about OWS candidate, other ideas

Van full of supplies arriving at 5900 soon, go get some, help unload

Today was to be a day of re-occupying public spaces, as groups around the country have been displaced

Window group- emails to Hans


Thankful for interoccupy helpers!!
food, plans, participants
Thankful for how Dave ran proposals- looking forward to our process getting better & better
Nostalgic for park GAs but thankful for heated spaces for the winter
Thankful for intentional relationship building within facilitation, now knowing so many fellow occupiers
Developing the way a family develops
From online: “I’m thankful for all of your beautiful faces and thankful that you can’t see me BUT we can communicate though I’m in my pjs at moms house. you all!

» HUGS….cheeseballs!”