5th grader letter claiming Lincoln Library was the best

Eleven BAMN Protesters Under Felony Arrest at Detroit’s Lincoln Library

Live protest coverage of closure of Lincoln branch of Detroit Public Library on Dec 22, 2011. BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) organized the sit-in protest. Neighborhood organizations and Occupy Detroit provided support outside the library. Eleven people were charged with felony arrest. Two were placed in a squad car at first, the remainder were lead out into a wagon.

The live video highlight shown here is from BAMN’s channel. The group seated in the library tell the police they have been reading from Martin Luther King Jr’s “Why We Can’t Wait“. Police tell them that if they don’t leave they will be charged with a felony arrest.

Those arrested were taken to the Northeast Precinct to be processed for felony charges of resisting and obstruction of justice. As a felony arrest they can be kept until next week – spending Christmas weekend in jail.

Four branches of the Detrhoit Public Library system were closed December 22, 2011: Lincoln, Montieth, Mark Twain, and Richard.

Emma Howland-Bolton (an active member of Occupy Detroit) is a 5th grade teacher at Mason Elementary, located a little over 1.5 miles from Lincoln Library. Her students go to the library to complete class projects. Some of them created signs in support of the library and these were placed in the windows.

5th grader letter claiming Lincoln Library was the best

The photo that follows is a letter from Benny saying he needs access to the library computer system to complete his science project and study. A new library will mean getting familiar with where things are and the lines to use the resources will be longer. Getting there will be a longer trip and when 32% of the average Detroit family’s income is spent on transportation – these cuts to the city budget end up on the backs of the tax paying families.

Only 11% of Detroiters have a college degree compared to 28% of the nation. It seems we are making it more difficult to be educated. If there are radical changes to be made it would be very helpful for those plans to be planned as fully as possible to minimize the impact.

Resource Distribution

Where will the resources go from these closed facilities? Some will be distributed through the system. The best way to know will be monitoring because Detroit has a way with abandoned buildings. Countless videos and photos can be found showing a possible future that nobody wants to acknowledge.

Coverage By Mainstream Media

Activists Arrested at Detroit Library Branch: MyFoxDETROIT.com

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