Minutes of the 46th Occupy Detroit General Assembly, March 10, 2012

Minutes of the 46th Occupy Detroit General Assembly, March 10, 2012

Teach in on Language

DA- Alma Counts action, had a mortgage modification, Chase bought mortgage & reversed her modification, doubling her payments & leading to foreclosure.
Tuesday at 12, going to foreclose on Chase Bank for reneging on their promise to all of us.
1145 march from Spirit of Detroit to Chase bank downtown (2 blocks)
DA making signs for this on the stage now!

Wells Fargo lost a legal decision- set precedent they can be sued for fraud.

Ron UAW 600- Arab Spring sub-comm. Students from WSU want to hold teach in re boycott against occupation of Palestine. Not seeking endorsement- just sharing this is in the works.

Eric- GoldenGate- Windstorm knocked out window- repaired. BBC reporter called- news crew coming in few weeks, wanted to hear Detroit reaction to recent events. We may be getting global attention soon

Maggie- Wed- Radical Readings is now weekly- Wed 530. This week- Marx’s letter on the Irish question. No pot luck, Radical reading 530 then Arts & Culture following (630)

Moth- was awesome! Made her more peaceful minded!

Stephen-Media meeting 3/24 430 pm, Phoenix Cafe, 10 Mile & John R, Hazel Park.
Working on number of topics to present at Allied Media Conf in April. Also working on Commercial piece. (30 sec national spot from all occupies)
International News project- place to put up GA & anything we choose, to share globally. Studio Occupy- find out more from any Media member

Hans- Finance- Buck Dinner tonight, 84th annual- some occupiers are interested in submitting apps- interested in collaborating efforts with those who hope to apply.

5900 Work Group- Sunday 8 pm, 5900 MI Ave.

Peter- education- working on teach in at WSU 4/9. Next mtg Sun 3/18 Cass Cafe 6 pm.

5900 Clothing group- working 10 am till parade on 3/11. researching places to take clothing. Anyone not happy about giving a lot away should join in! Needs to be taken care of. Likely get pizzas etc, please come help- no one will come pick it up. Need tables/saw horses/doors etc to sort it. More to be done 3/17.

Transit- 3/12 7 pm at Red Door Digital 7500 Oakland St.

Facilitation- trying to make GA’s smooth, which is why we are doing so much review of process. More engaging, seeking ideas for teach-ins, teachers, post ideas on white board or submit to facilitation, send outline of presentation.
Want everyone to be able to help facilitate meetings, please join. Meetings currently at 5900, Mon & Fri at 730. This Fri retreat at Jarrett’s house- this is a great time to join!

Housing- meeting at Central UMC Sunday 3/11 at 2 pm

May 1 Comm- Mtg Mon 5900 7 pm. Planning action/march to defend 99, want broadest march possible!

Joseph- 3/27 7 pm. Mayor Det to address citizens, like to see lots of us attend, City County Bldg 13th floor in large auditorium. Want to ask about Dept Human services failure, friends & fam being hired in with little knowledge/kill, 80 mill surplus instate…
313-384-1055 Call Joe

Sam- operator of new laundromat has building material wanting to share w/ OD, it is outside now, number avail too- see Sam

Greg Murray- shedding light on mismangement. of City staff- hearing 2 pm Tuesday 3/13 in city-county bldg. Mngmnt needs changed, not system. Please attend

Hans- 12p-8p today- Z-Day Zeitgeist- sustainability movement centered around thinking outside the box… speakers starting at 2, inc. green party, MWRO, & more, please join.

Lou- peoples water board, greening, ppls kitchen, sponsors of Mon Movie night- 4th Monday each month, 1st is Blue Gold on water system…. peopleswaterboard.blogspot.com
MSU Center on 3408 Woodward South of MLK

Rick- 3/20 530, Connoly Library, Mayor Bing says he may attend, Community Org Meeting.

Eric- Compost area- tomorrow workday afternoon, cleaning up area & composting material. Need pick up to move table from Redford & bldg materials & poss couches 248-982-6326

Jerald- has long series of Lang. lessons, wants to offer list for group to select those of interest for future teach ins

Ryan- OWS making compilation w/ musicians… trying to do similar local to here. those interested meet up post GA for info, create or join fitting working group to make cd. email-raxxx1@gmail.com phone-248-506-8691. Potential fundraising effort!

Mark- transit issue, discussed going to council meetings, folks went out to follow up & report on those stranded by bus cuts…

group working to restore bus services, 3/16, 10 am, St. Peter’s Episc. Church, Trumbell & Mi Ave. Love to have many in attendance!

Joe- Go to march 3/13, also DA mtgs Thurs, 7 pm at 1515, eviction mtgs at 6 at 1515. Still making signs!

Next Sat GA- this space is not available, 5900 is, need to meet there.

Wed 2 pm, protest at ICE HQ, on Mt Elliot at Jefferson Sign says Rosa Parks Federal bldg, near Belle Isle 3/14 Immigrant Rights

Process review-
1 proposal
2 clarifying questions, not opinions, specific questions
3 POI, facts, short
4 comment, Joe on stack, make eye contact.
5 temp check- this is the time to vote proposal up or down.
6 recognize stand asides
7 recognize neutral
8 blocks- moral or ethical or safety opposition
9 confirm consensus

PROPOSAL 1 – Rakiba
Teach in this coming Tuesday- police brutality
Public Safety vs Public Punishment
militarization of police force, profiling,
Propose this 10 min teach in be added to agenda for Tues.
Concern- teach in during GA is challenge for those -coming for the decision making role of the GA
-consider offering teach in post GA
–this person only avail on Tues
–like teach in gives small sample of new things
-not enough time to get into big discussion, but starts dialog
-10 min doesn’t feel like a teach in
-ed comm wants to get back to Sat educational mtgs lasting 1 hr, mini teach ins may help find topics of interest for longer teach ins
-concerns about the teach ins as planned
-at this time no other outlines have been submitted & are ready to be presented next mtg.
ready to move to consensus

MI Action endorsement- 1 Michigan affil w immigration alliance, (former INS) protest. Undocumented & coming out of the shadows.
anti immigration bill in MI legislature now.
cq-NY had 40+ undoc protestors were arrested.
nat’l group, found when you bring lots of attn to arrests, the wkrs frequently are not deported.
-support for proposal & those risking arrest
-agree & encourage attendance., build alliances too
-larger crowd, less likely for arrests
-made huge leaps for immigrant movement, support
-arrogant for european decendants to call native ppl to this continent illegal
temp check — pass
333 Mt Elliot -tues 2 pm

Business leaders protest. Short notice, want sort of street theater, folks in suits, one statue. Liberty, tugged/kidnapped by business. flyers re ALEC, what business is doing… Wednesday 4 pm
-not ALEC, similar group in MI
-try to send statue of Lib in… see if bouncers keep her out!
-can anyone participate? Justin, maggie, richard, joe, rakiba, need a few more if possible…
-Media or device to attend for video if possible!
tmp check pass

PROPOSAL 4- Jeremy
Consensus process intereptation does not match what many in OD understood, as explained last week we are following the following process:

1 proposal
2 clarifying questions, not opinions, specific questions
3 POI, facts, short
4 comment, Joe on stack, make eye contact.
5 temp check- this is the time to vote proposal up or down.
6 recognize stand asides
7 recognize neutral
8 blocks- moral or ethical or safety opposition
9 confirm consensus

-temp check to go to consen is currently where the decision gets made.
-then restate proposal
-then ask for flat hand
-then down hand
(neither affects decision)
-then formal approval (that has already been determined)

temp check to build consensus (does not make the decision)
then look for 70 to approve the proposal (make decision here)

This is the way many understood decisions to be made in OD all along.

POI- groups are working on this, why is it at ga for discussion now
-because change has happened w/out GA approval
-GA has been told this has been process all along, yet many last week did not agree this is how we have been making decisions untill now
CQ-where is change?
-temp check is now decision, not just trying to build consensus
POI- don’t have consist. explanation of hand positions. hand down doesn’t need to stop 1 person
-if only 1 person, OD doesn’t endorse something
if majority choose to stand aside, others can do what they like
-Point Process- mindful of POI- detail, very short
-COM- understood at 1st we needed 70% approval, told wrong, thinks it’s about not having a lot of ppl over us telling us what to do/not do.
Time, discussion of adding time vs tabling for future vs making a decision right now… Proposer willing to table, group temp check between table or decision.

Tonight is Buck dinner- raises app 50,000. Support progressive causes, applications accepted thru 3/17 for funding.
POI-Joe has a Banner he can take or deliver
POI- Tucker has a banner also
COM- piggybacking- make OD patches to give away if approved -FRIENDLY AMMEND ACCEPTED
temp check pass

awesome moth- nice to see folks over stories
grateful to those joining at Alma Counts, Garrett family attend too, 160 ppl came.
Garretts signed papers to get their house back
proud of movement, disappointed today, seem to be letting politics get in the way, think before saying things that insult each other.
grateful to MSNBC- supports occupy in their shows. occupy not a pol. party, like staying diversified but together when needed

disappointed when proposal being made people wanted to deal w/ abstract issue, not the proposal. Like to see one person from facil be the person people can go ask questions of instead of asking in the GA- may save time.

Apol. to any who felt sideways by the process today & last week. If you have opinion please share it with each other/facilitation. We want to make decisions that help out. Want to improve for everyone. Don’t take things personal. Enc. all of facil & those wanting to give input, please come to mtg, Mon 730.

Love Facil- it is hard- know roles are chosen ahead of time, please stick since stack was confusing, time came & went.. if you leave your role, please find replacement!

Important to allow folks to say what they are saying, sometimes abstract is part of specific conversation. May be relevant to some even if not all

remarked earlier facil doesn’t impose rules by mental prowess, but to make things smooth, agree. As the GA belongs to the GA, it should approve it’s rules. Need to give GA chance to decide it’s rules.

We (facil) isn’t consist. More ppl needed. Glad to have this conversation.
neutrality in facilitating. discussion about whether it is ethical for facilitators of a meeting to be active in discussion.

doesn’t feel need when doing time to be seated during 10 min disc to warn for time running low. Steps out if necc for break.

we are grown, work on yourself use yourself as the mirror.

GA can make Facil job easier & make GA more attractive- we need to pick our battles. ie not debating if we should have teach ins at all while dicussing a particular topic. take ego out, don’t repeat if someone else has said your point
process can be frustrating, can be good- taking time to deal with things. most important to be respectful. too much bitching because of individual agenda
consider old business- we table things & don’t know what happens to them ever again!

take moment to note democracy is conflict. you have arguments, be respectful but recognize there will be conflict & arguing. Don’t want to just pass everything

check ego, but discuss personal issues not bickering

revisiting old issues & see what the movement can do with them

move forward, check on updates

diverse body