Minutes of the 57th Occupy Detroit General Assembly, April 17 2012

Minutes of the 57th Occupy Detroit General Assembly, April 17 2012

I. Welcome
a. Facilitation Roles
i. Facilitator:Thomas from Chicago
ii. Co-facilitator: Sarah
iii. Time: Rakiba
iv. Stack: Direct Action Joe
v. Minutes: Jarret

II. Agenda Approved

III. Small Group Breakout

a. Camp Discussion(Against)

i. Too much time focused on just keeping camp going
1. Occupy London had a tent city but they didn’t sleep in the tent. Rather they had information tents, library tents, or activity/skill sharing in tents. They made a statement without sleeping in the tent.
ii. We are moving beyond protest and can achieve the same results without sleeping in the tents
iii. We should support the Brightmoore initiative
iv. Safety is a big concern
v. Cant camp but will stand with them
vi. Overnight is too draining
vii. Bathrooms…Let’s plan for the basics if folks decide to
viii. Listen to the community, they don’t want to see it at GCP
ix. Other orgs. did very little outreach with the homeless
1. United way should have assisted with outreach

b. Camp Discussion (in favor)

i. Visibility is key
ii. Camp is a message tactic.
iii. Pumpkin carving and other events there were great
iv. Important for foreclosure defense
v. We are having a giant sit-in
vi. Make demands
1. If you do it long enough they will cave to your demands
vii. Need to develop a sustainable model that we can have long term
viii. Abandoned building would be great or a Bank of America headquarters
1. Do this sun-up to Sun-down
ix. Eviction Defense is great
x. Mobilizations are great
xi. We have not reached our goals yet
xii. We need to OCCUPY SPACE
xiii. Show solidarity with the global movement, connects us with everyone
xiv. We can be the hub for actions
xv. Big outreach thing
xvi. Makes us accessible to the public
xvii. We should have community camps where local neighborhoods could link in
1. Council of camps
2. Talk about best practices
xviii. It was good way to show solidarity with Occupy Wall Street
xix. Would prefer more daily demonstrative/celebratory activity at camp

IV. Camp Informational
a. Everything can be packed up in 30 min.
b. Keeping all supplies at 5900
c. Security only watches people, not stuff
d. Would like to kick it off on May 1st

V. WG Report Backs

a. Joe from Direct Action
i. Meetings are now at 5900 at 6pm for eviction defense Thr. 7:00pm for general meeting
ii. Packing court room in Inkster for Jerome Jackson at 1:30 at the house Wednesday and 2:30pm at Inkster Court room

b. Media
i. Calendar person is going on vacation
1. Please be specific
2. contactmedia@occupy.us

c. Occupy Transit
i. 1301 E. warren Tranist riders meeting this Thursday
ii. 23rd of April annual regional transit awards banquet
iii. 30 people at last night’s food and transit justice

d. Goldengate
i. Moved Hugh into new house(neighbor of goldengate property who was homeless
ii. Big things are happening
iii. JB is doing art classes for youth that want to
iv. They made community garden
1. Tilled and good to go
v. Question about title search
1. They now have a contact who will research titles of houses they are occupying

e. Sunflower project
i. We have seeds and a planter
ii. Food Justice Coalition can get them more seeds

f. Education
i. All day teach in at Wayne State from 12-8

g. Sensitivity and Racial Inclusion
i. Next big meeting is Saturday at Central at 5:00pm
ii. Reg. meeting are thr. At Mack and woodward Starbucks

h. Eastern Market Working Group
i. It went good but it rained
ii. Another GA planned for two weeks from Saturday
iii. We learned a lot but we have some planning to do

i. Outreach
i. Teach-in GA will be one week from today

VI. Announcements

a. Tent city movie night is tonight V for Vendetta 1 block east of Meyers near Joy Road
b. Concerned Citizens for Democracy is still going and working to address Financial Stability Consent Agreement
c. Saturday April 28th Workers memorial day at 151 W. Jefferson by ambassador bridge
d. Rally’s at GCP on Friday April 20th from 6-9 for 99% spring training
e. Take buttons
f. Sunday the 22nd with the Wobbly’s breakfast from 11:00-2:00pm at Cass Park
g. Media Working group from 1-4pm on Sunday
h. City Wide Thou shall not kill with United Communities of America( UCOA) 5:30 at Fellowship Chapel 7707 W outer drive Detroit

VII. The Bat Signal Proposal

a. $72.00 for our light per message for each lazer cut message. Greatness
b. Rental of 200 Watt Generator
i. POI: Occupy has a generator through Goldengate Erik
ii. Question: Would this work on a cloud A: Yes…it’s the Occupy Signal
iii. Q: How often will we use it and what does it say
iv. A: Occupy Detroit, we can use the template an unlimited number of times
v. If we approve the money are we approving design as well
1. A: yes
vi. One design right now
vii. Propsal Passed

VIII. Guiding Principles Proposal

a. Occupy Detroit’s Guiding Principles Proposal
I. Justice(Eric will work on language)
a. Economic, judicial, environmental, social
II. Freedom( Coffey will work on language)
a. Notes: too vague
b. Respect peoples Autonomy
III. Inclusion(Nina will work on language)
IV. Non-violence(Coffey will work on language)
a. In speech and action
V. Safety(Thpomas M will work on language)
VI. Mutual Respect (Thomas from Occupy Chicago will work on language)
VII. Transparency(Thomas will work on language)
VIII. Egalitarianism(Josh will work on language)
a. Consensus decision making process
b. Everyone has a voice
c. Horizontalism
IX. Equality( Jarret)
a. Age
b. Race
c. Gender
d. Class

Proposal Tabled until Next Tuesday

Jerome Jackson and sister Jettowyne

Rally at court to keep paraplegic in his Inkster home

Jerome Jackson and sister Jettowyne

Jerome Jackson needs your help. Fanny Mae wants to evict him, and the 22nd District Court is going to hear his case on Wednesday, April 18, at 1:30pm.

A paraplegic since he was 14, Jackson moved into an Inkster home designed for wheelchair access in 2004. It’s a modest home, but he couldn’t have afforded it without Community Living Services, which is funded by the Wayne County Mental Health Department.

Jackson paid part of his monthly mortgage, and Community Living Services paid the rest. But in 2009, the agency cut off his mortgage assistance. Jackson had no choice but to default.

Fannie Mae, a government-sponsored, publicly traded corporation, bought his mortgage — and house — at sheriff’s auction.

The coalition fighting to keep Jackson in his house is calling on the court to set aside the eviction pending investigation of Wayne County’s failure to provide affordable housing for Jerome Jackson. They’re also calling on Fannie Mae to modify the mortgage, as regulators have ordered other lenders to do, so Jackson can afford to stay in the home the fits his needs.

Says the coalition’s statement:

The banks were bailed out for their reckless profiteering
and fraudulent practices because they were “too big to fail.”
Jerome Jackson is “too human to discard.”


Date, time, location:
April 18, 2012, 1:30 p.m.
Inkster, 27331 S. River St.
(One block north of Michigan, one block east of Inkster Road, 2 miles west of Telegraph)

Members of the coalition:
Occupy Detroit—www.occupy-detroit.us
Moratorium Now—www.moratorium-mi.org
People Before Banks—www.peoplebeforebanks.org



Protesters to serve Darth Governors (Snyder and Walker) with “subpoenas” on April 17

Michigan Republicans are hosting a fundraiser at the San Marino Club in Troy featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a fellow conspirator with Governor Rick Snyder in the assault on working class families. In peaceful protest, we will deliver a subpoena calling on Walker and Snyderto account for their shared agenda of cutting taxes on the corporate rich, shifting taxes to the 99%, slashing social services for people in need, and stripping voters and working people of their rights.

Join Us! Tuesday, April 17, 5pm – 7pm Gather at the Balkan American Community Center 1451 Big Beaver Rd., Troy (Exit I-75 at Rochester Rd., east on Big Beaver almost to John R, north side of road) We’ll then take a short walk to the San Marino Club, 1686 Big Beaver Rd., TroyFollowing the informational action, join us for a celebration of the 99% Spring at the Balkan American Community Center.

Partial List of Endorsers: Metro AFL-CIO, 99% Spring, UAW, Good Jobs Now, 99% Pastors, Michigan Welfare Rights, Jobs With Justice, AFSCME Council 25, Michigan Rising, National Action Network