Jerome Jackson and sister Jettowyne

Rally at court to keep paraplegic in his Inkster home

Jerome Jackson and sister Jettowyne

Jerome Jackson needs your help. Fanny Mae wants to evict him, and the 22nd District Court is going to hear his case on Wednesday, April 18, at 1:30pm.

A paraplegic since he was 14, Jackson moved into an Inkster home designed for wheelchair access in 2004. It’s a modest home, but he couldn’t have afforded it without Community Living Services, which is funded by the Wayne County Mental Health Department.

Jackson paid part of his monthly mortgage, and Community Living Services paid the rest. But in 2009, the agency cut off his mortgage assistance. Jackson had no choice but to default.

Fannie Mae, a government-sponsored, publicly traded corporation, bought his mortgage — and house — at sheriff’s auction.

The coalition fighting to keep Jackson in his house is calling on the court to set aside the eviction pending investigation of Wayne County’s failure to provide affordable housing for Jerome Jackson. They’re also calling on Fannie Mae to modify the mortgage, as regulators have ordered other lenders to do, so Jackson can afford to stay in the home the fits his needs.

Says the coalition’s statement:

The banks were bailed out for their reckless profiteering
and fraudulent practices because they were “too big to fail.”
Jerome Jackson is “too human to discard.”


Date, time, location:
April 18, 2012, 1:30 p.m.
Inkster, 27331 S. River St.
(One block north of Michigan, one block east of Inkster Road, 2 miles west of Telegraph)

Members of the coalition:
Occupy Detroit—
Moratorium Now—
People Before Banks—


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