General Electric Shareholder Protest

Thousands of people from around the country converged on Detroit to tell the shareholders of General Electric its time for them to start paying their fair share of the tax burden. Security was tight so most dared not venture into the building, save those who had bought stock in order to attend the annual meeting. Starting from various rally points throughout the city, protesters met first at Hart Plaza then walked along the river to stand outside the Atwater atrium. They were met by police, some on horseback to control the crowd. The demonstration was loud and passionate, but peaceful. As security began to chain the doors, shareholders who upset the conference were ejected. As they were led out, they chanted “Pay your fair share” and pumped their fists triumphantly in the air.

The protest moved down Beaubien st., around the building for a prayer that God touch the hearts of those inside. Then they took the streets, defying police road blocks for a slow, organized march down Jefferson Ave. back to Hart Plaza.

There, they thanked police for their professionalism and reminded them that because the 1% failed to pay their fair share, unions like theirs were forced to take pay cuts. The rally concluded with the people meeting under the fountain to celebrate a successful action and do the ‘Electric Slide’, Detroit style.

Protesters came from: Boston, Pittsburgh, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Chicago, Toledo, Lansing, and many more areas.

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