Occupy Detroit May Day: General strike, unity for all


Occupy Detroit May Day schedule

No shopping, no work, no school!

Noon: Assemble at corner of Clark Park at West Vernon Highway & Clark Street (near I-75)

1 pm: Rally at Maybury Elementary School, 4410 Porter Street

1:30 pm: Leave Maybury Elementary marching on West Vernon Highway

2:00 pm: Rally at train station, Roosevelt Park at West Vernon Highway and Michigan Avenue

2:30 pm: Leave train station on Michigan Avenue

3:15 pm: Rally at Federal Building

3:45 pm: Leave Federal Building

4:00 pm: Rally at Rosa Parks Transit Center, 360 Michigan Avenue

4:30 pm: Leave Rosa Parks Transit Center

4:30 pm: Start assembling at Grand Circus Park for food and music

6:30 pm: General assembly at Grand Circus Park near the Hazen S. Pingree monument

DETROIT — In support of labor and immigrant rights, on May 1st, 2012, we are organizing a mass participatory and bold collective action: a transnational general strike, mass boycott, student strike/walk-out and mass day of action.  We urge all to hold a one-day general strike and come together in solidarity for a day of art, expression and rallies.

At work: organize people to call in sick.  In school: organize a walk-out.  In your community: participate in a mass boycott and refuse to make any purchase on May Day.  Take the street.  Take the day off.

The assaults against labor and immigrants attack democracy. To counter the erosion of rights won through protest by labor, the worldwide protests on May Day reject the cycle of increased corporatization and privatization of resources.

Children, parents, students, teachers, laborers, artists, mechanics, activists, farmers, pastors, bakers, tailors, writers: anyone and everyone welcome.

For more information on the day’s events, go to

Sarah Coffey, Occupy Detroit May 1st Committee,

Stephen Dewyer, Occupy Detroit May 1st Committee;