Jennifer Britt Hansen Clarke Joe McGuire

Jennifer Britt Eviction Defense Continues

Jennifer Britt Hansen Clarke Joe McGuire
Jennifer Britt, Rep. Hansen Clarke, Joe McGuire

OccupyDetroit’s Eviction Defense Working Group continue their vigil, now in its third week of twelve hour days (6AM – 6PM), to prevent the eviction of Jennifer Britt from her home of twenty years at 15701 Warwick in the Rosedale section of Detroit.

After Representative Hansen Clarke (with support from Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow) requested a stay of eviction, Fannie Mae granted one, but will not answer inquiries as to how long it will be in effect.

All are urged to call Fannie Mae’s nearest regional office in Chicago (312-368-6200), and insist that they suspend their writ of eviction, and negotiate a fair mortgage for Jennifer Britt, or at least allow Southwest Detroit housing solutions to purchase the house and sell it back to Ms. Britt as they have repeatedly offered to do. Fannie Mae’s twitter account is: @FMServicing — tweet them often, and urge them to negotiate. Their mailing address is: 1 South Wacker Drive #1400  Chicago, IL 60606 — write to them via snail mail, too.

Jennifer Britt currently holds down two jobs, and possesses the means to make reasonable mortgage payments based on the fair market value of her home. Both FlagStar Bank and Fannie Mae have repeatedly refused to negotiate at all with Ms. Britt, let alone discuss what might be termed reasonable.

On Tuesday, 14-Aug, Occupy Detroit’s Choir Group will be singing at 5pm on the front lawn at Jennifer Britt’s home. Bring your lawn chair and a dish to pass around! We’ll have hot dogs and beans on hand, and will provide an update on Jennifer’s fight to secure her home.


Send an e-mail and let the Eviction Defense team know when you can join the vigil. All will be welcomed. (And there is no requirement that you be willing to be arrested — just stand aside if the police arrive and you will not be detained.)

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