BigBrotherWatching-NWOThe voting public of the United States has rallied countless times to protect freedom of information. It is one of the sacred rights we have to be able to be informed and retrieving information without barriers is essential. We have had so many people fighting for  freedom of information – including Bradley Manning and Aaron Swartz [1][2][3], who’s death spawned #PDFtribute from researchers opening their copyright work to the public. It is an affront to our rights and the oath of office our government officials take “to uphold the interests of the people” whom they serve. As representatives this is not how you feel about the topic – get it straight, as a representative you REPRESENT OUR INTERESTS! We vote, we sign petitions, we call you, we write you, we come to meetings, rallies, protests, and somehow we just don’t get heard. Transparency in government is critical, as is allowing participation by the people (not the corporate entities – we’d like a test of being HUMAN).

Rep Mike D Rogers (R-MI8)

We here in Michigan call out 8th District Representative Mike D. Rogers (R-MI) who sponsored this bill, and has a history that isn’t glowing in praise [1], choosing to resurrect the dead bill [2]. What is it with these lawmakers and their love for zombie legislation? Mr Rogers partnered with Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) as cosponsor for the latest incarnation of CISPA.

Businesses have taken up the mantra that the best customer is a well-informed customer. However there are global-reaching entities backing CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, US HR624) in an attempt to control and minimize public access. The notion of “certified intelligency community” creates elite power brokers whom are often corporate in motive. cispainfogramElite power brokering is the undoing of the public trust whether we are citizens placing government officials into power as stewards of resources, or as customers watching out for our best interest. CISPA stands as a barrier to our freedom of access. CISPA blocks our ability to participate as informants. CISPA opens up our security. CISPA flaunts the apathy of the public with the belief that an elite power knows what is best for you to have access to. CISPA is WRONG, it is not “worth a try”, it is not “worth considering”, and it needs to be ERASED FROM CONSIDERATION with visible admonishment of those who sponsor the legislation.

The White House needs to look at its response to the petitions to stop SOPA and the E-Parasite Acts. They still need to respond to the CISPA petition and why further consideration of similar legislation has continued to be pushed by corporate power lobbyists. Amendments for privacy protection were trounced this past week as the bill moved from committee to the House floor and was approved. It will now move to the Senate.

We have to request of government to not only remove the corporate hands stuffing money in your pockets — those hands need to be SEVERED and BURNED. Don’t worry – corporate citizens won’t feel the pain, because they aren’t human! They need to stop acting like alien overlords! We need to overturn Citizens United vs FEC and regulate how lobbying dollars from humans comes into government better.

Reforming government certainly doesn’t seem probable, is it even possible? Do we resort to the next step that is an undercurrent conversation growing louder on the street of REVOLUTION to insist on a better system? What would that system look like? Are we, the people concerned, having the conversations and ready to act? (Occupy Detroit and ISSS have been holding monthly potluck gatherings that continue to grow – the next is April 25 at Central United Methodist Church at 6pm.) Can we be bold enough to shake awake the complacent apathy that remains – you know so many are waiting for someone else to do it for them. It isn’t merely some view of entitlement that has people in apathy. We have become stuck in what we know, and resolved to allow being stuck. We are failing to follow our dreams. Our dreams are dying in our bodies, trapped in our skulls rotting in the ground because we were too scared or proud or untrusting to share these dreams with others. Engaging in thought provoking dialog, sharing concepts freely, discovering the magic of community lifting up the weakest to a position of strength. We are thinkers, dreamers, engaged, and willing to take some risks because the reward is greater than having the dreams die. A dreamer doesn’t worry about letting go, because there is always more where that came from. Our thoughts are infinite, but it is only by sharing our dreams that the actions become infinite as well.

We have to fight for our freedom and to share our information. We have to be the informants, readers, and theorists that create. It is our divine nature to create and holding that back should have deadly consequence. TERMINATE CISPA NOW and any spawn from it as well.