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March Against Monsanto Detroit

This Saturday will be a busy day at Grand Circus Park on Woodward at Adams in downtown Detroit. Two major events are being held back to back – the March Against Monsanto and Occupy Detroit’s 2nd Anniversary. The Wobbly Kitchen will be serving soup and bread between the events.


The day begins with a rally at 10am for the March Against Monsanto. The route to be followed is on the flyer for the event. A press release regarding the march can be downloaded. We could use additional help getting word out for press coverage. May 25, 2013 the March Against Monsanto brought over 500 people walking the final stretch around Eastern Market up Russell St. There was no TV coverage, and very little newspaper coverage. Mlive reported there were three dozen people gathered around the gazebo when they appeared after the end of the march.


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International People’s Assembly Against Banks and Austerity


We call on all activists fighting banker-imposed austerity – here in the U.S. and worldwide – to come to Detroit, Michigan, on October 5 and 6, 2013. Join the people of this city under siege in convening the International People’s Assembly Against the Banks and Against Austerity.

Join us in Detroit on October 5-6 to demand:

  • Cancel the debt to the banks which is strangling our schools, cities, states and countries.
  • Guarantee workers’ jobs and pensions and services for the community. No union busting. $15 minimum wage!
  • End undemocratic, racist emergency management of our cities and schools.
  • A jobs program funded by the banks to put the unemployed to work rebuilding our cities. The banks owe our communities billions of dollars for the destruction they have caused.
  • Moratorium on all foreclosures and foreclosure-related evictions. Housing is a right.
  • Repudiate student loan debt. Education must be free and available to all. Increase funding for public education.
  • Stop racism and attacks on immigrants, women, the LGBTQ community and people with disabilities.
  • The federal government must bail out the people, not the banks.
  • Money for cities, not for war–Hands off Syria.
  • Ban Fracking. No tar sands oil, petcoke, wood ethanol, etc. Reverse climate change.

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SUNDAY – September 8 – Full Day of ACTION

Our commitment to community unity is coming through on Sunday. There is a full range of activities taking place. Please unite with your neighbors, get to know new people, and find how we can work forward for a better Detroit!

List of Activities

There may very well be more to be added to this list!

8:00am – 3:00pm
Assist Baxter Jones in moving from his home which Fannie Mae is evicting him from. {see details}
Jeremy Ellis and his family are looking at eviction from their home. A rally has been planned in Romulus near his home. {see details}
3:00pm – 4:00pm
First planning meeting for Occupy Detroit 2nd Anniversary #OD2ANN coming up October 14, 2013. Occupy Detroit is turning 3! Join us for that special time when the question “WHY?” begins to run our lives. We’re done with the “terrible twos”! {see details}
Rally Against War in Syria begins at Grand Circus Park and marches to Hart Plaza with speakers discussing in the program. {see details}
Speakers Against War in Syria at Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park. {see details}

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Baxter Jones

Baxter Jones Looses Home to Eviction

Baxter JonesDetriot Eviction Defense has worked for nearly a year with Baxter Jones to save the disabled former school teacher and coach from being evicted from his home in Jackson. August 8 when he went before Judge Michael J Klaeren he was evicted from his home. It would become another bank-owned property.

Baxter has been attending various events with Eviction Defense Committee, Occupy Detroit, Michigan United, and others.

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