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2 day event Sunday & Monday

Earth Day Detroit 2013

2 days of learning and community

A two day event is planned for Earth Day Detroit 2013 – Sunday April 21 and Monday April 22 to connect people with not only survival skills, but how to thrive in the face of an environment that can be difficult. Our risks include the corner store, abandoned properties, waste being dumped in our neighborhoods, and the corporate criminals polluting our air, water, and soil. Our intent is to bring people together not merely for presentation – we intend to have conversation. Continue reading

Detroit’s Fiscal Emergency – Declared & Responses

An opinion from Stephen Boyle

Detroit’s government continues to be under pressure by the State of Michigan. A Detroit Financial Review Team was assembled January 2013.

Recollect December 27, 2011 as reported by Fox Business:

Michigan’s governor on Tuesday appointed a team to review Detroit’s finances, a move that could end in a possible state takeover of the city as it struggles with a shrinking auto industry and falling revenues.

This leading paragraph might have some believe the auto industry is heavily influencing Detroit’s financial picture. However three decades of push toward globalization, free trade agreements, and segmentation of labor into multi-tier negotiations have moved the auto industry well outside Detroit. The city has become a hallmark of corporate destitution when you drive past hundreds of abandoned assembly facilities. Today corporations in the city are awarded tax abatement to encourage “job growth”. These abated dollars show up as unfunded services such as lighting, water, transportation, and more. The infrastructure supporting new business is not being funded due to abated taxes. Continue reading

Strike Debt Movement – MLK week

On Martin Luther King Day, January 21st at 2pm EST, Strike Debt NYC will hold a discussion titled “Privilege, Debt, & Common Struggle: Where Do We Go From Here?”  In NYC, we will deepen our understanding of Dr. King’s legacy, enrich our analysis of the debt system, consider ways to build alternatives, and begin to pave a way forward based on unity, solidarity and common struggle.

Additional events are being planned by Strike Debt groups around the country during the week before and after. We believe this is a powerful opportunity to build a larger, nation-wide conversation, so we are encouraging Strike Debt groups and friends around the country to host events during the week after MLK Day by breaking into small discussion groups and completing a workbook that will be available on our website.  If you have an event planned, or if you’d like to participate as a group or an individual, we invite you to email us with the details: Continue reading

Martin Luther King Jr march in Detroit

Martin Luther King Jr Rally and March

Martin Luther King Jr march in DetroitFor Immediate Release
Media Advisory

Event: Annual Detroit MLK Day Rally & March
Date: Monday, Jan. 21, 2013, Noon-5:00pm
Location: Central United Methodist Church, Woodward at Adams, Downtown Detroit
Sponsor: Detroit MLK Committee
Contact: 313-405-2185
URL: or

Detroit MLK Day Begins Commemoration of 50th Anniversary of Great March to Freedom (1963-2013)

This year’s Detroit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March & Rally will represent the 10th annual commemoration held at the Historic Central United Methodist Church. This is the church where Dr. King delivered his annual Lent sermons and preached three weeks prior to his assassination on April 4, 1968.

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the “Great March to Freedom” in Detroit where 250,000 or more walked down Woodward Avenue demanding jobs and civil rights. Continue reading