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unconsumption:Riding the bus in Detroit is not fun: Half of…

Riding the bus in Detroit is not fun: Half of the city’s bus routes have been cancelled over the last decade, and waiting for a bus to show up can take as long as two hours. A new project is trying to make that wait a little more pleasant by building mobile bus shelters—and since this is Detroit, the shelters are made out of recycled parts from abandoned buildings.
More about the Door Stops project here: These Makeshift Detroit Bus Shelters Are Recycled From Abandoned Houses | Co.Exist | ideas impact

Hockeytown pay your $80,000 water bill to #DetroitVideo from…

Hockeytown pay your $80,000 water bill to #Detroit Video from Joe Louis Arena requesting Mr Illitch (Hockeytown) pay the outstanding $80,000 water bill. Corporations are not exempt from paying for use of water. It is needed for all that ice created. Falling to pay puts the burden on the people of the city. Action setup by the Peoples Water Board Coalition. Earth Day action.
#ED2MD #waveofaction #earthday #Detroit #redwings #hockeytown #illitch

Representing the People of the City of Detroit

Something seems to be lost in the City of Detroit witness list submitted April 18 to the bankruptcy court -- REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE'S INTERESTS. Corporate interests are well represented through the list provided to the court, as shown in the document below.

The city has done well with bringing corporate interests as witnesses to the bankruptcy, however the city is a government body elected BY THE PEOPLE to represent CITIZENS whom are both PUBLIC and corporate. Corporate interests such as the following are not public-serving employees of the city, nor the affected public. These are contracted "guns-for-hire" with a mission to strip Detroit assets and leave its residents destitute.

  • Conway MacKenzie - financial restructuring advisors stating the plan is in good faith (yet proposes sacrificing constitutional rights of the people), is equitable, and in best interests of the city's citizens.
How dare they say it is in our best interest - have they spoke with the public? There has been no public hearing regarding the bankruptcy by the City Council or Mayor. No publicly elected official of the people of Detroit brought this bankruptcy filing to the court. It is a violation of the bankruptcy code. (NO Governor Rick Snyder is not the Mayor of Detroit or pseudo-official[fascist position] as such). 
  • Ernst & Young - contracted to discuss ability to provide adequate levels of municipal services.
  • Milliman, Inc - contracted actuarial advisors to provide valuation and funding issues of the General Retirement System and Police and Fire Retirement System.
  • DIA board members whom have various corporate affiliations and stories of interest.
    • Eugene Gargaro - Michigan Manufacturers Association, Merillat L.P., Metaldyne Precision Forming, and more
    • Graham Beal - received $103,000 in bonuses and a $155,000 loan from the DIA, plus is "downscaling" his Detroit house [article link]
  • Roger S. Penske - representing "importance from a  business and investment standpoint of the City’s ability to capitalize and  build on the efforts contemplated in the Plan post bankruptcy." Better stated as how can Penske Corporation profit from going through municipal bankruptcy.
  • Daniel Gilbert - again representing the ability to capitalize for Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans. Note the appointment to the fabricated Blight Authority.
The date for court is May 30, 2014. The people need to bring forward a list of fact witnesses which could be added to the city's list, and possibly forwarded to the bankruptcy court as well demanding representation from the residents.

Remember objections to the plan of adjustments can be filed before May 1. This is the week to file your objection! Anyone can file an objection. Get more information from Moratorium Now website [people's objection instructions] [objection form]

Watch the Bankruptcy Court website for updates [audio files]

Recording from April 21 Conference Call

Detroit City Council meeting 10:00am on Tuesday on the 13th Floor at Coleman A Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Ave, Detroit MI 48226. Arrive early and request a comment card - put your name on the card to be able to speak. The cards are issued before the meeting and collected within the first 5-10 minutes of the meeting at latest,. Public comments happen FIRST at a meeting of the whole council.
  • Request public hearing regarding Bankruptcy to understand fully why and how.
  • Request public hearing regarding Bankruptcy Witness List (referenced above) and lack of public representation. Demand an additional amendment to the list.

Protest Illitch's Water Bill at Joe Louis Arena on the Riverwalk entrance at 6:30pm - Hockeytown owes $80,000 for outstanding water bill, yet was awarded large parcels of downtown real estate pushing elders and low-income citizens to the curb. Wear red because the opening of playoffs is starting. Facebook event link | People's Water Board Coalition

Connect to (Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management) to get more information on May Day plans and get to know the Peoples Plan regarding the Bankruptcy.

Petitioners MUST VOTE NO on Bankruptcy Plan of Adjustments

It is important for this decision to be thrown back on the bankruptcy court to issue a ruling on the unconstitutional process of handling your pension. If the rank and file vote to approve the plan of adjustment then you have removed the protections afforded by the Michigan Constitution. The pension board members are working with the offerings of the Emergency Manager and State of Michigan. The media is painting a picture of the proceedings without fully informing the public. The media will make it appear that there is nothing the rank and file can do, however pushing it back on the court to rule would reveal the unconstitutionality of the bankruptcy plans.

Phone Line For Q&A

Our voicemail greeting is:
Thank you for calling Detroit Concerned Citizens and Retirees. We are urging petitioners to vote no on the plan of adjustments. It is important the unconstitutional decision is thrown back on the court.
Objections to the bankruptcy plan of distribution can be filed by anyone up till May 30th. Our website has printable forms to file objections to the Bankruptcy Court, and offers next steps. The office of the bankruptcy court is at 211 Fort St and Washington on the 17th floor, open weekdays 8:30 until 4pm. Please leave a message with your name so we can call you back to answer any questions you may have. 

Your Constitutional Rights Sacrificed By A Vote? 

The manner of takeovers which have been occurring is to have the legislative body of the public - whether that is the Detroit City Council, or the union, or the general retiree pension board offer their APPROVAL of the takeover. By voting yes along with them you would be absolving the bankruptcy court from their responsibility to uphold the law.

There are protections in our laws but if the people and their elected representatives continue to sacrifice those protections then we are left with the desired results of those wishing to control the masses. This is how non-elected appointed dictators come to power, by allowing rights and protections to be GIVEN AWAY.

What does the Michigan Constitution say? 

The accrued financial benefits of each pension plan and retirement system of the state and its political subdivisions shall be a contractual obligation thereof which shall not be diminished or impaired thereby.
Financial benefits arising on account of service rendered in each fiscal year shall be funded during that year and such funding shall not be used for financing unfunded accrued liabilities. -- Public Pension Plans and Retirement Systems, Obligations

The Deals Made By Pensioner Boards 

Under the accord, general retirees will see their pensions cut by 4.5 per cent, far less than the 26 per cent cut the city had earlier proposed, and lose their annual cost-of-living increases. Retired police and fire fighters would keep their full pensions, and see their cost-of-living allowances fall from around 2 per cent to 1 per cent. --- Financial Times

Why is this insufficient? 

If you look at the two indented quotes above you'll find the phrase from the Constitution says "shall not be diminished or impaired" by the state. The results of any negotiating includes diminished benefits.

Things To Know About Bankruptcy 

  1. Only a municipality's elected official can legally file for bankruptcy. 11 USC 109(c) Bankruptcy Code and Public Act 436
  2. A municipality may not bind any creditor that does not consent to such composition. A judgement entered under such a law may not bind a creditor that does not consent to such composition. 11 USC 903(1) and (2) Bankruptcy Code
  3. The Bankruptcy Code requires a notice to be given of the commencement of the case. 11 USC 923 Bankruptcy Code
  4. Magistrate Steven Rhodes is not an Article III judge and has limited jurisdiction to hear and render a decision in Bankruptcy cases.