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Baxter Jones

Baxter Jones Looses Home to Eviction

Baxter JonesDetriot Eviction Defense has worked for nearly a year with Baxter Jones to save the disabled former school teacher and coach from being evicted from his home in Jackson. August 8 when he went before Judge Michael J Klaeren he was evicted from his home. It would become another bank-owned property.

Baxter has been attending various events with Eviction Defense Committee, Occupy Detroit, Michigan United, and others.

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Know Detroit Better

Sight seeing in Detroit, with some depth, is probably best accomplished by taking your interests over to the D:Hive on Woodward between State and Grand River, across from where Hudson’s downtown used to stand and is now an empty underground parking lot. Ask for some guidance and look through the assortment of information available. The staff there are regularly collecting pamphlets, flyers, and more about what is happening around Detroit. They hold tours around the cool-places and some are extended into communities. This welcome center approach is something every neighborhood in Detroit has a need to get up and running. Hopefully a central information hub in each district becomes known, Continue reading

Detroit’s Fiscal Emergency – Declared & Responses

An opinion from Stephen Boyle

Detroit’s government continues to be under pressure by the State of Michigan. A Detroit Financial Review Team was assembled January 2013.

Recollect December 27, 2011 as reported by Fox Business:

Michigan’s governor on Tuesday appointed a team to review Detroit’s finances, a move that could end in a possible state takeover of the city as it struggles with a shrinking auto industry and falling revenues.

This leading paragraph might have some believe the auto industry is heavily influencing Detroit’s financial picture. However three decades of push toward globalization, free trade agreements, and segmentation of labor into multi-tier negotiations have moved the auto industry well outside Detroit. The city has become a hallmark of corporate¬†destitution¬†when you drive past hundreds of abandoned assembly facilities. Today corporations in the city are awarded tax abatement to encourage “job growth”. These abated dollars show up as unfunded services such as lighting, water, transportation, and more. The infrastructure supporting new business is not being funded due to abated taxes. Continue reading


Detroit School Board Meeting Wednesday, Student Rally Saturday

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We stand at a point for action at this time. Our schools, our future, and our city will never be the same if the current flow of actions are left to continue. We need your presence at this crucial meeting. We need your information shared and to share information with you.

We live in revolutionary times and the message takes place at a given date, time, and location. Those involved set the stage for action.


- Detroit School for the Arts has a spokesperson at the event. The true story.
- The EAA has several spokespersons...the true story.
- We still need someone from the EAA gradeschools: calling all parents and students and teachers!
- The MEAP scores will be deconstructed
- The finances will be deconstructed
- The legal update will be explained
- Teachers, come talk about your contract if you wish; there will be committee assignments for all students, parents and Detroit voters and tax payers to sign up.

We will win but WE HAVE TO FIGHT
If we fight, we will win.

Where: Detroit Public Library 5201 Woodward Detroit MAIN LIBRARY
When: Starts at 5:00 p.m., end by 8:30 p.m.


Detroit Youth Takeover March

On Saturday March 23rd at 1:00 pm help Detroit Youth Voice stand up for education and say no to incarceration! No funding for learning but there is funding for prisons?! It is time DETROIT YOUTH take over and for adults to hear solutions to stop the school to prison pipeline! All ages are welcome! Make sure you email RSVP so we can send you all the info at

The location is 2727 Second Ave at Cass Park! Be there at 1pm! We will march to Wayne County Jail at 1:30pm (it is a mile away).

If you're bringing a car please email so that we know you're coming for parking purposes.

Message Kayla Mason if you want to help out on the day.

Facebook event link