Occupy Detroit: We are the 99%


Occupy Detroit is the power of people uniting from all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and political viewpoints. We stand in solidarity with Occupy movements across the country and around the globe, but we focus on the needs and problems of Detroit and its surrounding communities. We work with other activist and community groups in Detroit and Michigan to make banks, politicians, and corporate overlords take responsibility for their treatment of all people. We share skills and resources to do the work that the government won’t. We give a voice to those the government won’t hear. We are the 99%.

We believe in the basic human right to food, shelter, medical care, education, and safety. We believe each person’s rights should be limited only by the rights of fellow human beings.

It’s time. Join us! Find the cause or activity closest to your heart. There’s plenty of room. Every person makes a difference.

Do you want to keep banks from kicking families out of their homes? Fight to keep libraries open for the children who need them most? Help save safe-space community centers? Shout about the lack of classroom tools teachers need to provide a decent education?

Would you like to help restore decaying houses to give homes to the homeless? Join the multi-front battle for mass transit service with reliable buses and logical routes so riders can get to jobs, school, grocery stores, doctor’s offices. Add your voice and presence to the local Arab community’s call to stop arming the Egyptian military junta that uses the tanks and weapons against it own citizens?

Occupy Detroit welcomes musicians and writers, artists and photographers, crafters and story-tellers. Most of all, Occupy Detroit is about people working together. Join us. You are the 99%.

What can people power do? Watch one example, where Occupy Detroit joined Occupy Our Homes, Moratorium Now, United Auto Workers Local 600, People Before Banks, and other supporters: