Once There, The Termites Are Covered With A Slow-acting Insecticide Or Insect Growth Regulator.

However, you should understand that you will need to commit yourself to regular monitoring throughout the first year and at least every three months after that. The termite then excretes a wood pellet brass. Baits are applied below ground by enticing termites to feed on wooden stakes, cardboard, or some other cellulose-based material. Once there, the termites are covered with a slow-acting insecticide or insect growth regulator. Inground stations are installed around the structure. Keep it that way with Sentricon. timber is a white powder formulation that can be easily mixed with water and sprayed on infested lumber, etc. Planning, patience and persistence are requisites for successfully using below-ground termite baits. Because subterranean termites feed at multiple locations within their foraging area, chances are good that one or more bait stations will eventually be found and fed upon. The worker termites directly feed the soldiers and the queens.

Even Gold, who is completing a two-year study of termite baits, is beholden to pest-control companies. He works on an endowment bankrolled by a group of pest-control operators. He is quick to say that bait companies, such as Dow AgroScience, contribute to his paycheck. “Nobody owns me, I can assure you, even though the money comes out of the industry,” said Gold, whose bait study was financed by the Texas Attorney General’s Office. At the University of Florida, officials are guarded about dollar amounts they get from royalties. The school gets profits from hundreds termite traps of products that collectively bring in $27 million a year. About $20 million comes from the big three: Gatorade, Sentricon and Trusopt. Where does all that money go? On big earners such as Sentricon, 25 percent of the university’s share goes to the person who developed the product. In Sentricon’s case, university researcher Nan-Yao Su reaps termite bait stations the financial rewards. He worked with Dow AgroScience for five years to come up with a process that introduced hexaflumuron into the termite colony, killing the insects when they reached the molting stage.

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Topics For Consideration With Significant Elements Of Termite Bait

At the time of installation, the stations are pre-baited with two levels: one a grooved cylinder of wood and the other a Puri-Cell™ monitoring matrix. As a supplement to installations along the foundation, additional stations are installed in suspected termite foraging areas, such as near pre-existing termite damage, stumps, woodpiles, or moist areas on the property. Because liquid treatments and bait treatments are used and work very differently, it is difficult to compare the two methods in terms of which one works “better”. You have invested a lot into your home and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in some good termite control to keep them away. The baiting program continues year-round as long as you maintain your contract with the pest control company. So, it is important to minimize disturbance of termites feeding in the stations. Find out how. New management tools have emerged, and a significant number of pest control firms are now using baits as an alternative form of treatment. Other times, they can be mounted directly over termite-infested wood, drywall, or other surfaces.