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2 day event Sunday & Monday

Earth Day Detroit 2013

2 days of learning and community

A two day event is planned for Earth Day Detroit 2013 – Sunday April 21 and Monday April 22 to connect people with not only survival skills, but how to thrive in the face of an environment that can be difficult. Our risks include the corner store, abandoned properties, waste being dumped in our neighborhoods, and the corporate criminals polluting our air, water, and soil. Our intent is to bring people together not merely for presentation – we intend to have conversation. Continue reading

Media Alert: OccupyTheMidwest Conference 23-26 Aug

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Occupy The Midwest Conference Press Release

August 8, 2012

Diara Lo, Occupy Detroit Media Workgroup
Watch the conference on Livestream: OccupyDetroitOfficialChannel

Conference Call
Every Sunday at 6pm est until the Occupy the Midwest

Attendance expected by all Midwest Occupiers and interested parties. Occupy Detroit will be hosting the second round of Occupy the Midwest regional conferences following the wildly successful kick off regional in St Louis, MO, and National Gathering that took place in Philadelphia, PA, July 2012.

The failure of our current outdated system has led to a demand for new and improved methods that meet the needs of all citizens, independent of a corrupt economic and social structure that benefits only a few at the expense of the many.

Detroit was selected for the second Occupy The Midwest Conference because it serves as an excellent breeding ground of a reimagined society, and a way out of our failed economic system. No city in America better represents the harmful effects of corporate greed and political corruption than Detroit. Yet, no city has more opportunity for proven effective new forms of survival, educational grass roots enrichment, and beautiful new communities. This is evident in renewed neighborhoods rooted around urban farms that vibrantly sprawl across the once vacant lots, and eco communities springing out of the blight, such as the Goldengate Restoration Project, a Mad Max meets Martha Stewart type of community where duck ponds and peacocks are tucked in between graffiti laden, burnt down homes, and solar panels and a green house exist among what resembles a vacated war zone. Communities are being transformed daily from the recently defunct territory of Detroit.

August 23-26, 2012 Detroit, MI

Some Occupy Detroiters will open their homes to guests once a meet and greet happens at the initiation of the conference and after the registration. There are also locations set up for urban camping. One is the lot next to 5900 Michigan Avenue, Detroit which is the site of our enormous and beautiful Activist Center where there are bathrooms available, and space available for sessions. The other is an urban lot which is the current location of This Hood of Ours encampment, at 12845 West Chicago, Detroit, MI. There are also two homes on the block that are abandoned and repurposed to house activists with the consent of the community block club. The third is the Goldengate Restoration Project, on the east side of the city…

The focus of the Occupy the Midwest conference will be leadership building and sustainable living. We will be hosting educational sessions that include but are not limited to:

  1. Living off the Grid (Using alternative energy, rain collection systems, recycling, etc…)
  2. Urban Farming and Gardening (Learn how its done!)
  3. Communal Living (Save space. Save resources)
  4. Tor Networks (Are you prepared if the internet is shut down?)
  5. Repurposed Industrialization (A new fabric of society woven from the old)
  6. Visionary Leadership (Are you ready to be your best?)
  7. Michigan Ban Fracking/Fracking Whistleblowers will be guest speakers
  8. Free Detroit – No Consent: Occupy Local Government (How to be involved, finding likely allies and providing a service in detailing issues to the public)

More to Come…

Occupy Detroit will be providing live and virtual tours of:
The worlds largest urban garden network right here in Detroit
Bicycle Collectives and Coops
Urban Eco Communities
Freedom Schools
And give highlights if the Industrial Workers and Unions that this city was built on…

A delicious breakfast and dinner will be available daily at no cost with donations and produce from local urban farms and prepared by the IWW Wobbly Kitchen! Folks, you are in for a real treat! Monetary and food donations brought will be graciously accepted and utilized. Please bring your kits (cup/bowl, utensils).

There will be nightly entertainment, including featured artists, poets, musicians, and djs, as well as a campfire and drum circles….so bring your instruments and build good memories!

All attendees, please participate in the Visioning Process where we will discuss the ways in which we can actualize real progress of effective change that will reconstruct a society in which everyone can enjoy their inalienable rights of food, clothing, shelter, justice, and equality, independent of a corporate system/wage system structure.

Occupy The Midwest is a coalition of Occupy movements from cities around the Midwest region, uniting in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy people’s movement worldwide.

OccupyDetroit will host the Occupy The Midwest Conference, 23-25 August 2012

Occupy The Midwest Conference: 23-26 Aug-2012

OccupyDetroit will host the Occupy The Midwest Conference, 23-25 August 2012

OccupyDetroit will host the Occupy The Midwest Conference, 23-26 August 2012.

The conference features workshops, teach-ins, direct action… and some summertime Motown fun.

Check out the calendar of events, and if you spot a glaring omission, then suggest an event. Better yet, offer to host and bottom-line that event. Continue reading