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Take Action: Stop Another Unjust Detroit Foreclosure

The Cullors Family Will Be Evicted
From their Rosedale Park Home by Bank of America & Fannie Mae
Taxpayers bailed out the bank and the Feds took over Fannie Mae in 2008.
They were “too big to fail,” and the Cullors are “too small to count…”
Unless We Act!
You Can Help Stop this Eviction 3 Ways:
1) Join us at the Cullors’ home this Saturday, November 10, at 10:00 a.m. for a rally and march to the nearby Bank of America branch at 17540 Grand River Ave.
2) Join us in the courtroom of Judge Patricia Jefferson on Tuesday, November 13 at 9:00 a.m. at 36th District Court, 421 Madison St. in downtown Detroit near Greektown. We can show the Judge the community wants the Cullors in their home.
3) Call the numbers at the bottom of this message and tell Bank of America to buy back the mortgage and modify the loan, and tell Fannie Mae to either force the bank to do so, or sell the home to a non-profit buyer at its current value so the Cullors can arrange to stay in their home.

Jerry Cullors is a retired bakery truck driver and Teamster who had to take steep wage and pension cuts to keep Wonder Bread solvent. That made it hard to pay the mortgage serviced by Countrywide, the predatory lender now owned by Bank of America.
Bank of America led the Cullors to believe they would qualify for a trial modification before denying them relief and suddenly bringing eviction proceedings on behalf of Fannie Mae. The Cullors had expected to get help from their former lawyer and mortgage counselors, but found out at the last minute they were on the verge of eviction.
Jerry and his wife live with their daughter and her grandmother— who is 88 years old and suffers from Alzheimers—in the home they have owned for 23 years.
Bank of America has plead guilty to foreclosure abuse and is obligated to buy back  mishandled mortgages from Fannie Mae and reduce principal for “underwater” homeowners. The Cullors need this help.
Rosedale Park doesn’t need another empty home!


Call Bank of America and tell them to do as they are obligated by Fannie Mae and this years’ state attorneys generals settlement: buy the mortgage back from Fannie Mae and modify the loan so the Cullors can stay in their home. Their loan number is 116546465.
          1-877-877-2670, Office of the CEO & President for Mortgages
Call Fannie Mae and tell them to force Bank of America to buy back the mortgage and modify the loan, or sell the house at its appraised value to a non-profit buyer so that the Cullors can arrange to stay in their home. Detroit doesn’t need another empty house blighting the neighborhood!
Fannie Mae Chicago Office: (312) 368-6200
Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center: 866-442-8572
                    Email: chicago_mhc@fanniemae.com
Ask our political representatives to deliver this same message to Fannie Mae and Bank of America.
Senator Debbie Stabenow: (313) 961-4330
Senator Carl Levin: (313) 226-6020
Congressman John Conyers: (313) 961-5670
Congressman Hansen Clarke: (313) 962-7700
Congressman Gary Peters: (247-273-4227
Congressman John Dingell: 313-278-2936
State Senator Tupac Hunter: (517) 373-0994
State Representative Harvey Santana: (517) 373-6990
Wayne County Commissioner Burton Leland: (313) 224-0884
Copies of the two-sided flyer can be picked up for neighborhood distribution at the Cullors’ Rosedale Park home this Wednesday, Nov. 7, 5 p.m., 14503 Artesian (at the corner of Lyndon).
For info, go to: peoplebeforebanks.org


84th GA Minutes — 1-SEP-2012

Minutes: September 1, 2012 – Goldengate Restoration Project


I.           Welcome

II.         Occupy 1yr Anniversary (17-Sep)

III.       Proposals

IV.       Soliloquies

V.        Goldengate Issues

VI.       Announcements


Everyone introduced themselves, about 20 people. Three or four were Goldengate Restoration Project residents.


Occupy 1yr Anniversary (17-Sep):

  • Waistline suggested we do a retrospective piece on the website.
  • Someone (Jennifer?) suggested a parade
  • Along with the parade, Sarah suggested gathering at Grand Circus Park
  • Roseanne suggested a livestream of events coordinated with other events around the country
  • Waistline and Erik will work with Roseanne on this
  • Joseph suggested flyers be handed out during parade



Jennifer – Re-Imagine OccupyDetroit

  • Inspired by Grace Lee Boggs and her Re-Imagine Detroit and Re-Imagine Work initiatives
  • Discuss how to Re-Imagine OccupyDetroit at General Assembly on September 15
    • OD modeled on OccupyWallStreet, but OD has different aspirations
    • Need to reach out to new people, bring original members back
    • Camping in Grand Circus was a bad idea for Detroit – there are so many un-occupied buildings, focus should be on seizing those (Sarah)
    • Who will facilitate the meeting and bring community in? (Sarah)
    • Education should go with outreach
  • Proposal approved


Sarah – Money for 5900 Bedbug Eradication

  • 5900 Michigan Ave has a bedbug infestation
  • Residents started rent-strike in protest
  • Landlord agreed to fumigate
  • Proposed:
    • OD offers $350 to assist with expenses
    • Help find washer and dryer for building
    • Purchase plastic bags and detergent
    • Rent a dumpster for disposal of infested furniture and clothing
    • Organize a potluck dinner to celebrate, raise money for landlord
    • Mural will be painted with tips for bedbug prevention (Sarah’s friend will paint it)
  • Proposal approved


Sarah – Repay Sarah $200 she fronted for OccupyTheMidwest Conference

  • $1500 was budgeted for event
    • not all receipts are in yet
    • not sure if all of budget was used
  • Proposal approved


Sarah – Remove “OccupyDetroit Realty” sign at Goldengate due to rumors of sexual assault tolerated at Goldengate

  • Sarah has heard there were incidents of sexual assault at Goldengate, but no action was taken to evict or punish attackers
    • Detroit has a “culture of rape”
    • Rakiba took issue with “culture of rape” notion, suggested we need to have a conversation about how to deal with assault/bad behavior in general
      • Bad actors are part of 99% everywhere
      • Community agreement required for ejecting bad actors
      • We brush bad under the rug to make nice
      • Need mediation process
  • Erik mentioned there is a community agreement that outlines standards of behavior, but there is no mechanism to enforce it
  • Rosenanne mentioned that there are two issues:
    • Dealing with the assault within Goldengate
    • OD’s policy for interacting with the community
  • Shane stated that he lived at Goldengate for two months and never heard about sexual assaults there, and that he, and probably no one else at Goldengate, endorse sexual assault
  • Hans state that lack of accountability leads to transgressions at Goldengate
  • Erik said it would be premature for OD to abandon Goldengate, better to stay and be positive influence
    • Goldengate has been through dark times and improves every day
  • Sarah: if assault happens, everything should stop; believes in transformative justice, not punishment
  • Don: OccupyTuscon had similar issue – how does a “leaderless” movement handle transgression? Authority required?
  • Sarah: Whole community needs to address it
  • Jennifer: leaderful community
  • Joseph: Goldengate needs anger management counseling by an outsider
  • Waistline: in Civil Rights movement, transgressors were ejected
  • Sarah: check out Restorative Justice Center
  • Shane: things at Goldengate are improving
    • Got to keep ideas flowing and people involved
  • Rakiba: it’s not about Goldengate, it’s about OccupyDetroit: pseudo hippie shit didn’t work in the past and won’t work now
    • “anything goes mentality” doomed
  • Hans: Goldengate members need to be more involved with entire community
    • Community meetings not attended
  • Zak: We need better security, i.e. locks on doors
    • Also need showers and plumbing
  • Rakiba: OD can’t throw money at community without agreement for spending it in place
    • Photovoltaics at Goldengate were supposed to be installed with OD participation; as a teach-in
    • Erik: deadline to spend the OD money forced rush, so no teach-in organized
    • People can come participate at Goldengate any time
      • Rocket stoves will be built – OD can participate in that


Meeting cont’d, notes stop here because I had to leave at 2:30 PM — JMW


Jennifer Britt — Update: 24-Aug-2012

There is positive news since yesterday’s update, which reported that Fannie Mae had offered Jennifer Britt a two-year lease agreement at $785 a month. While this was a positive step away from Fannie Mae’s previous refusal to consider anything except eviction, it also fell short of the offer Southwest Housing Solutions had made to buy the house and keep Jennifer and her family in their home under a buy-back agreement. Jennifer made a counter-offer on Tuesday that would provide a path to ownership of the home she and her family have lived in since 1999.

Today, a few hours before the weekly meeting of the Eviction Defense Committee, the lawyer for Fannie Mae contacted Jennifer’s attorney and agreed to continue negotiations on the counter-offer. As a first step, Fannie Mae will conduct a formal appraisal of the property. During the vigil, Fannie Mae had directed one of its real estate contractors to conduct a “Broker Price Opinion” of Jennifer’s house, which amounted to little more than a drive-by appraisal. Fannie Mae will now conduct a formal walk-through appraisal as a first step towards a possible settlement that restores Jennifer’s ownership of the home in which she and her late husband invested over $100,000.

It is a tentative victory for Jennifer and a testament to her courage and strength in resisting the greed-driven agenda of Flagstar Bank and its co-conspirator, Fannie Mae. The Eviction Defense Committee of Occupy and the Rosedale Park community can take pride in what we’ve helped Jennifer accomplish so far. We have, for the time being, won a small skirmish in a larger war that is still going against us. While negotiations continue, the anti-eviction vigil we sustained for nearly a month is suspended.

Hope to see you at the rally at 3 pm Friday the 24th at the Federal Building, Michigan Avenue and Cass, calling for Congressional hearings in Detroit on Fannie Mae’s support for bank profiteering at the expense of homeowners. At 4pm we’ll march to the City-County Building to protest the same banks-before-people agenda that privileges debt servicing over city services.