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Jennifer Britt — Update: 24-Aug-2012

There is positive news since yesterday’s update, which reported that Fannie Mae had offered Jennifer Britt a two-year lease agreement at $785 a month. While this was a positive step away from Fannie Mae’s previous refusal to consider anything except eviction, it also fell short of the offer Southwest Housing Solutions had made to buy the house and keep Jennifer and her family in their home under a buy-back agreement. Jennifer made a counter-offer on Tuesday that would provide a path to ownership of the home she and her family have lived in since 1999.

Today, a few hours before the weekly meeting of the Eviction Defense Committee, the lawyer for Fannie Mae contacted Jennifer’s attorney and agreed to continue negotiations on the counter-offer. As a first step, Fannie Mae will conduct a formal appraisal of the property. During the vigil, Fannie Mae had directed one of its real estate contractors to conduct a “Broker Price Opinion” of Jennifer’s house, which amounted to little more than a drive-by appraisal. Fannie Mae will now conduct a formal walk-through appraisal as a first step towards a possible settlement that restores Jennifer’s ownership of the home in which she and her late husband invested over $100,000.

It is a tentative victory for Jennifer and a testament to her courage and strength in resisting the greed-driven agenda of Flagstar Bank and its co-conspirator, Fannie Mae. The Eviction Defense Committee of Occupy and the Rosedale Park community can take pride in what we’ve helped Jennifer accomplish so far. We have, for the time being, won a small skirmish in a larger war that is still going against us. While negotiations continue, the anti-eviction vigil we sustained for nearly a month is suspended.

Hope to see you at the rally at 3 pm Friday the 24th at the Federal Building, Michigan Avenue and Cass, calling for Congressional hearings in Detroit on Fannie Mae’s support for bank profiteering at the expense of homeowners. At 4pm we’ll march to the City-County Building to protest the same banks-before-people agenda that privileges debt servicing over city services.

Jennifer Britt Hansen Clarke Joe McGuire

Jennifer Britt Eviction Defense Continues

Jennifer Britt Hansen Clarke Joe McGuire
Jennifer Britt, Rep. Hansen Clarke, Joe McGuire

OccupyDetroit’s Eviction Defense Working Group continue their vigil, now in its third week of twelve hour days (6AM – 6PM), to prevent the eviction of Jennifer Britt from her home of twenty years at 15701 Warwick in the Rosedale section of Detroit.

After Representative Hansen Clarke (with support from Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow) requested a stay of eviction, Fannie Mae granted one, but will not answer inquiries as to how long it will be in effect.

All are urged to call Fannie Mae’s nearest regional office in Chicago (312-368-6200), and insist that they suspend their writ of eviction, and negotiate a fair mortgage for Jennifer Britt, or at least allow Southwest Detroit housing solutions to purchase the house and sell it back to Ms. Britt as they have repeatedly offered to do. Fannie Mae’s twitter account is: @FMServicing — tweet them often, and urge them to negotiate. Their mailing address is: 1 South Wacker Drive #1400  Chicago, IL 60606 — write to them via snail mail, too.

Jennifer Britt currently holds down two jobs, and possesses the means to make reasonable mortgage payments based on the fair market value of her home. Both FlagStar Bank and Fannie Mae have repeatedly refused to negotiate at all with Ms. Britt, let alone discuss what might be termed reasonable.

On Tuesday, 14-Aug, Occupy Detroit’s Choir Group will be singing at 5pm on the front lawn at Jennifer Britt’s home. Bring your lawn chair and a dish to pass around! We’ll have hot dogs and beans on hand, and will provide an update on Jennifer’s fight to secure her home.

Info:  DetroitEvictionDefense@gmail.com

Send an e-mail and let the Eviction Defense team know when you can join the vigil. All will be welcomed. (And there is no requirement that you be willing to be arrested — just stand aside if the police arrive and you will not be detained.)

Read a detailed update here: http://moratorium-mi.org/update-on-jennifer-britt-maintain-the-vigil-continue-calling-fannie-mae/

July 21 Assembly Key Items

General Assembly — Key Agenda Items

When: Saturday, July 21 – 12:00 noon
Where: 5900 Michigan Avenue in Detroit
Key topic #1: Eviction Defense for Jennifer Britt
Key topic #2: Public Act 4 — Emergency Manager Law

  1. Jennifer Britt of Rosedale Park is scheduled to receive a Writ of Eviction on this Wednesday, July 18. The Occupy Detroit Eviction Defense Committee will be supporting her, as will Occupy’s coalition partners: People Before Banks, UAW Local 600, and Moratorium NOW!  However, all hands are needed in this effort, and they are needed now. Join the discussion of how best to support Jennifer and to build a movement to prevent unnecessary evictions. See full details and join the anti-eviction vigil here.
  2. Sufficient petition signatures were gathered to place the Emergency Manager Law on the November ballot. Yet, stalling tactics are being used throughout Michigan Courts and Administration to prevent that from happening.  This amounts to  targeted voter suppression, labor repression, and enduring community oppression. Immediate resistance through sustained action is essential in the coming days. Come learn what groups are involved in fighting back across the state against the Emergency Manager Law, what actions are planned, as well as discuss how we can make a difference NOW and in the months ahead.

Key topics to be presented by the Occupy Detroit Eviction Defense Committee and Free Detroit – No Consent.

Fannie Mae Eviction Vigil

 Neighbors and Supporters Start Vigil to Oppose Fannie Mae Eviction of Jennifer Britt

Offices of Senators Stabenow and Levin Seek Solution

What: Vigil at home of Jennifer Britt in opposition to Fannie Mae eviction
: Continuing Friday, July 20, and thereafter, until resolved
: 15701 Warwick St. at Midland, Detroit’s Rosedale Park, south of Grand River
Neighbors, community advocates, union members, and faith-based advocates allied with the Eviction Defense Committee of Occupy

Supporters of Jennifer Britt and her family are mounting a vigil that will continue Friday and next week Continue reading